Achieve Clarity.
Eliminate Doubt.

Dimensional MRI provides state-of-the-art, patient specific 3D MRI renderings that act as an accurate and persuasive visual aid—by bringing convincing clarity to your client’s injuries.

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3D MRI Imaging

Anatomical Renderings That Leave No Doubt

Overcoming the challenge of presenting complex evidence to a jury unfamiliar with the medical industry can, unfortunately, be an obstacle that can cost you and your client the case. Engage the courtroom with an accurate and persuasive visual presentation. Used in tandem with expert testimony, this technology vividly brings to life the significance of your client’s injuries to the courtroom.

Steps to Success

Any injury with positive MRI data can be reconstructed within a matter of days, along with surgical animations, and used to strengthen the argument of your case before proceedings even begin. Overcoming the challenge of presenting complex evidence to a trier of fact doesn’t need to be an obstacle that can cost you and your client a case.

Step 1

3D MRI Request
Email us to let us know your needs. We’ll get back to you with 24 hours to start the process.

Step 2

Order Intake & Submit MRI
Someone from our team will contact you to gather more info about the specifics of your case and place your request.

Step 3

3D MRI Rendered
View your high-resolution results through a secure link. An in-house radiologist oversees quality control for accuracy.

Step 4

Rendering Refinement
Once the 3D renderings and/or surgical animations have passed quality control, they will be delivered via the HIPAA compliant portal.

When it Comes to Persuasion, Seeing is Believing

We superimpose actual MRI imaging into a surgical animation or rendering unique to your client and their injuries. Used alone or in conjunction with expert testimony, these anatomically accurate renderings allow you to clearly demonstrate your case with confidence.


Ready to Win?

Bring confidence and clarity to your case with 3D MRI renderings to eliminate doubt and get your client the compensation they deserve.